Requirements, books and notes

Age Requirements
  • The minimum age for individual students from September to May is 16.
  • The minimum age for individual students from June to August is 14.
  • Students aged 16 & 17 may study in an adult General English class at any time of the year with permission from their parents.
  • Students aged 15 and under may only stay in homestay accommodation for a maximum of 26 nights (unless a suitable foster family can be found).
  • Students studying for 4 weeks must arrive on a Sunday and depart on a Friday to adhere to this rule.
  • Individual students aged 15 and under in the summer must book a Junior Programme.
  • Students taking the Junior Programme must attend all activities unless they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian and are signed out on-time every day. If ETC is not satisfied that parental cover is in place for the entirety of the course, we will insist that students take activities.
  • Next of kin details must be received for all students aged 17 and under prior to document issue.
  • Signed parental permission forms (signed by the parent) must be received for all students aged 17 and under prior to document issue.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 who are booked onto an adult course programme and Young Learners Programme MUST follow junior policies and procedures, including curfew times.
  • Student aged 16 and 17 will be accepted on a Junior Programme, only upon special arrangement. Otherwise, they can enrol on the Young Learners Programme when available.

The first course book for ELT courses is included in the price for students studying 5 or more weeks. If a student changes level or changes course, they will need to buy a new book relevant to their class. Workbooks are optional and can be purchased separately
Students studying for 4 weeks or less may borrow books for a £5 refundable deposit.
Students studying for 5 or more weeks have their first course book included.
Books cost approximately £25 per workbook and £35 for course books. Books are available at the ETC Library.

Please note
All lessons are 45 minutes long. ETC specifies a maximum class size of 18. However our average class size in off-peak seasons is lower. No classes will exceed 18 students.

Classes may be in the mornings or the afternoons during busy periods.

Students following a Standard General English course (20 lessons per week) may have morning or afternoon lessons. Classes are normally run in the mornings from 8:45am to 12.15pm, but we cannot guarantee this timetable. During the busy summer months, students may have lessons in the afternoons.

Students who require a student visa must complete at least 15 hours of study per week (i.e. 20 lessons per week).

English Course fees

General English Courses

English Language CoursesHours per weekLessons per weekPrice per week
Standard1520£220 / week
Intensive1824£250 / week
Super Intensive2128£280 / week
Full Immersion3040£450 / week
One – to – One Courses--£60 per lesson

Exam Preparation Courses

Exam Preparation CoursesHours per weekLessons per weekPrice per week
IELTS (Standard)1520£220 / week
IELTS (Intensive)1824£250 / week
IELTS (Super Intensive)2128£280 / week
IELTS (Full Immersion)3040£450 / week
B2 First (Standard)1520£300 / week
B2 First (Intensive)1824£315 / week
B2 First2128£330 / week
C1 Advanced (Standard)1520£300 / week
C1 Advanced (Intensive)1824£315 / week
C1 Advanced (Super Intensive)2128£330 / week

*Exam Preparation courses are 15 hours per week. Intensive options include 15 hours per week exam preparation, plus General English communication skills lessons. **B2 First and C2 Advanced courses must have at least 5 bookings to run the course. Students must start on term start dates. See above for list of dates.​

Specialist course fees

Specialist CoursesHours per weekLessons per weekPrice per week
Business English22.530£330
Medical English22.530£330
Legal English22.530£330
Tourism English22.530£330
Military English22.530£330
Aviation English22.530£330
English for Engineering22.530£330

Students studying 24 weeks on our combination courses will receive a Diploma in the specific subject. For all combination courses, students must be over the age of 18 and have an intermediate level of English. You can take our online test to assess your current level of English.

Specialist CoursesHours per weekLessons per weekPrice per week
Business Studies22.530£330
Marketing and PR Management22.530£330
Human Resources Management22.530£330
Tourism and Hospitality Management22.530£330

Exam fees

Cambridge KET£125
Cambridge PET£135

Cambridge C1 Advanced (PB/CB)£190
Cambridge B2 First (PB/CB)£185

LCCI EB Business Practice£145
Trinity GESE Exam£130 – £170
Trinity College ISE£180

Homestay fees

During high season single rooms for 16 & 17 year olds are very limited and are offered subject to availability, on a first come, first served basis.

Residence fees