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Course Information

Our General English courses are suitable for anyone, from beginner to advanced level. If you want to improve your English for academic, personal or professional use, whatever your reasons, we have a course for you.

Choose the intensity of study to suit your needs. We offer a standard course, which is primarily designed to develop the four skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening, and to increase your awareness of how English works. You will also learn and revise new vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and polish your English grammar!

You can take more intensive course options, which include extra lessons concentrating on communication skills, such as speaking and listening.

Whichever course you decide to take, you will follow the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) throughout your lessons to track your learning. The CEFR is a good tool in enabling you to explain your language level to employers, friends and educational institutions around the world. Read more about the CEFR and how it can help your English learning journey.

The teachers at ETC will do their best to provide you with a range of situations in which you can practise your English language skills and develop functional ability and fluency. You will find that they are supportive guides in the learning process. Our teachers are constantly developing and discussing new ideas. Everyone’s learning style is different. Our teachers develop lesson plans with this in mind and pack classes full of interactive activities to aid your learning.

Course Contents

✔ 15 / 18 / 21/ 30 hours per week
✔ 20 / 24 / 28 / 40 lessons per week
✔ Topics: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar

Course Timetable

General English (Standard)

The morning lessons focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will also learn and revise new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

✔ 15 hours per week  //  ✔ 20 lessons per week

General English (Intensive)

This course follows the Standard course structure with an additional 4 lessons of communicative skills practice per week. These extra lessons are designed to give you the chance to develop your confidence in speaking and listening.

✔ 18 hours per week  //  ✔ 24 lessons per week

General English (Super Intensive)

This course follows the Intensive course structure with an additional 4 lessons in all 4 skills plus pronunciation and lexical extension.

✔ 21 hours per week  //  ✔ 28 lessons per week

General English (Full Immersion)

Make the most of your learning on our Full Immersion course. Study all the elements of our General English courses at a much higher intensity. This is a great course if you have a high target to reach in a short period of time.

✔ 30 hours per week  //  ✔ 40 lessons per week

Course Fees

General English is available in four intensities. Study 20, 24, 28 or 40 lessons per week. Each lesson in 45 minutes.



- 15 hours tuition per week
- 20 lessons per week
- No minimum level


per week



- 18 hours tuition per week
- 24 lessons per week
- No minimum level


per week

Super Intensive


- 21 hours tuition per week
- 28 lessons per week
- No minimum level


per week

Full Immersion


- 30 hours tuition per week
- 40 lessons per week
- No minimum level


per week

Course videos

Student Interviews

We interviewed two students who decided to study at ETC International College. Find out why they chose to study in Bournemouth, their career goals and what they think about their time spent at ETC.

Course Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are classes?

Each lesson in 45 minutes long.

You can choose courses with 15, 18, 21 or 30 hours of tuition per week. The more hours you study, the more chance you have of progressing quickly.

When can I start studying?

You can enrol at ETC from any Monday of your choice. On your first Monday at ETC you will take a test that will help us decide which level of classes you need. There is no minimum level of English required for entry.

How do I enrol?

To enrol at ETC, simply click the button below and complete our enrolment form!

Click here to enrol at ETC