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ETC Junior Enrolment Form

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ETC International College
24 West Hill Road
BH2 5PG Bournemouth
United Kingdom

General Information


Town/City, Postcode, Street, House number

VISA details

Emergency contact

Please note, you must be the person who holds parental responsibility and aged over 21 years.

Course details

Please select a course or courses you wish to study. *

If organising your own accommodation, please provide full contact details of the accommodation and guardian of the student and confirm the declaration below.

I understand that by making my own accommodation arrangements, ETC International College will not be responsible for the safety and welfare of my son/daughter when they are not involved in tuition or activities supervised by ETC staff. I am responsible for making transportation arrangements between school and accommodation for my child.

The following accommodation arrangements have been made for my child:

Course dates

Beginner-level students must start on published course start dates.

Level of English

Please check our course descriptions for entry requirements for your chosen course.
Please take our online test to determine your current level of English: click here.

Accommodation requirement

What kind of room whould you like?

Twin and shared rooms are available if you book with a friend to share your twin room. If you come alone, ETC cannot guarantee to find you a twin share. A £10 per week supplement is payable for a single room. Students must notify their host families or the school of their time of arrival at least two days before they arrive. All accommodation is subject to availability. Students are allocated to share accommodation with students of different nationalities, unless you specify otherwise.

Accommodation dates

Personal details

There is a £20 per week supplement payable to accommodate any special dietary requirements.

Special Needs

If the student has any disability, please complete our disabled persons form. Please note that if any student has any physical or psychological condition that is not disclosed on their Enrolment Form, the student will be asked to leave the College and no fees will be refunded. Conditions include diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, allergies, anorexia, bulimia etc.

Airport transfer

If the student is travelling unaccompanied by an adult, airport transfer will be automatically included.

If yes, please give us your flight details:

If you do not need an airport transfer, how will you be travelling to your accommodation?
Please also tell us what time you will be travelling.

How did you hear about ETC?


ETC recommends insurance through, which includes travel, medical and financial cover. The cover costs £5.25 per week. For more information about the insurance and what it covers, please read the Key Facts. You can also view more information on

Parental permission

Please download this parental permission form, sign it, scan it and send back to us on following email address We also need to say we won't process the application until the form has been read and signed.

*I tick this box to confirm that I have read, signed and sent the parental permission form


Upload documents

Please attach a copy of your photo ID / passport photo page and visa page (if you have a current visa to study in the UK). If you have trouble attaching these documents, please send them as an attachment to: with the email subject line: "documents for enrolment".

Image file up to 1MB allowed only.

Image file up to 1MB allowed only.

Image file up to 1MB allowed only.

Promotional Codes

Please enter a promotional code if you have one. Only valid promotional codes will be accepted.

Form security

Please send a copy of the completed Enrolment Form by email ( or by post together with 2 passport photographs and a copy of your passport and or ID.
This is now a requirement for non-EU nationals by the Border & Immigration Agency.

ETC International College
24 West Hill Road
BH2 5PG Bournemouth
United Kingdom